Legislation passed in Parliament on the 31st August 2016 

​Legislation came into effect on the 1st January 2017

2016 Bill

  • Only Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are allowed to be installed
  • There must be a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm at the exit to the bedrooms
  • There must be a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm in each bedroom
  • There must be a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm on each level
  • They must be either Hard-wired or 10 yr Lithium Battery Wireless, and interconnected
  • Department of Housing are the first homes to be done, this will be completed within 5 years, Logan Housing will be the first area to be done
  • Rental Premises have a 5 year phase in period, the update will happen when alarms expire, or at the tenancy change or lease renewal
  • Home Owners have a 10 year phase in period, but as alarms expire they must replace with a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
  • ​Any home put up for sale after the first 5 years (2022) will need to have complied with the new legislation before it can be sold


The key objective of the 2016 Bill is to improve personal safety in domestic dwellings by requiring the installation of photoelectric smoke alarms in all dwellings thereby reducing the loss of life or injury.

 Some key outcomes of the 2016 Bill would be:

  • Photoelectric and interconnected smoke alarms, powered by an enduring power source (hard-wired or 10 year lithium battery), would be required in residential premises in Queensland
  • These smoke alarms would be required to be in specified locations within residential premises, dependent on whether they are new or existing residences.

 An implementation timeframe is also provided in the 2016 Bill:

  • When a new dwelling is built or substantial renovations are made to an existing dwelling, compliance would be required from 1 January 2017
  • After 5 years, dwellings that are sold or leased would be required to comply immediately
  • All government-owned housing would be required to comply within five years​
  • After 10 years all domestic dwellings would have to comply with the changes.​

​(Taken from the Queensland Parliament Website)


It is a shame we have to write this post. We want to emphasise that we are not the law, we are not affiliated with any Emergency Services, and we do not work for any Government Agencies, and have never stated otherwise at anytime. We are a Not-For-Profit Registered Charity, that assist's people around the clock 24/7 who have been left devastated by a house fire. That includes if someone is left devastated at 2am in the morning we get notified and we will arrive on scene at that hour, not 9am when the business day starts, we provide immediate assistance. We also assist in the days, weeks and months after, by providing quality secondhand furniture and much more, including funerals when a loved one has been lost in such devastating circumstances, this service is a free service.  
We make no apologies what so ever about being passionate and advocating for the best fire protection for all Queenslanders. This was achieved last week on the 31st of August, when the Palasczcuk Government introduced world leading Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Legislation to best protect the Queensland Public in their homes. We do all this because we care, we want people to be safe in their own homes, we have no other agenda, if anyone had seen as much devastation as we have over the last few years, we can guarantee you would be just as passionate as us. Our charity was born out of tragedy, what we witnessed in 2011 at Slacks Creek, no one should ever go through that pain. We started out as Louie & Christine, until the need became too great, what people don't realise is this actually has a toll personally on us as well, but that is nothing compared to the toll on families who've lost everything including loved ones, and that is what drives us.
To all our supporters we truly thank you, as its you who make our life easier in what we have to do. We will continue to get the calls for assistance at anytime during the day or night, we will continue to be passionate and spread the Fire Safety message to all in the community. The advice we offer is free, the advice we offer is in line with the New Legislation, ultimately it is the homeowners responsibly to protect their loved ones and their home.  
We are merely trying to reduce the number of house fires, and house fire related deaths, and this legislation will do that. Too many people believe it won't happen to them until it's too late. Fire does not discriminate no matter who you are, or where you live, it can happen to anyone at anytime. 
So to those who are annoyed about the new legislation and our passion for fire safety awareness, again we reiterate we make no apologies for the driving force to implement this world leading legislation, and we will continue to do the work we do, whether you like it or not, as one day, we might just be called to your home to assist you, and we will be there to help.